Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tim Pawlenty is a Christian... NOW Will You Vote for Him?

Oh Tim Pawlenty.

I find it amusing that you release a 6 minute video detailing your evangelical religious background in order to harness votes from the conservative religious voters... in a secular government.

I think this is a sad attempt to wrangle votes from Michele Bachmann, who's having a sudden surge of support from the ultra-conservative voters.

I really don't care if you're a Christian, evangelical, whatever - you can do what you want to on your own time in your own home, but do not drag YOUR God into OUR Government. Your religion does NOT trump my freedoms as an American.

In a positive republican note (oxymoron?) Mitt Romney refused to sign the vile Pro-Marriage Pledge.

And as if she were reading my Blog, Rachel Maddow covered Rick Perry and his 'day of prayer and fasting' on her show last night. I have to say, she did a great job showing off the crazies :)

You can watch the video HERE

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Kid's Reaction to a Gay Couple

Okay people, take note! This is how a child reacts to meeting a gay couple for the first time. It is very honest and you can tell that he is really excited yet practically indifferent.

This is the type of reaction a child has on their own, without the corruption of politics, parenting, and religion.

I believe that humans are born with open minds. As parents, it is our job to keep those minds open throughout their lives. This kid wasn't traumatized or 'converted' by meeting a gay couple. He was happy to have a new experience... to meet new people. What's so wrong with that?

"so that means you love each other? You're much alike... I'm going to play ping-pong now"

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rick Perry and "The Response"

TX Governor Rick Perry is hosting a day of prayer and fasting in Houston this August. This government official decided that prayer was the best way to fix the nation's 'spiritual problems'. (to me it seems the nation's 'spritual problems' come from the spritual people... but that's just me)

In this video you can see Governor Perry giving his speech about 'The Response' day of prayer and fasting. In addition, several of his followers were added to the video to give you an idea of the people supporting his request.

*warning* the people in this video are homophobic, racist, anti-semitic, anti-equality and fueled by pure hate.

I find it sad that the Governor can blatantly ignore the First Amendment and get away with this! It is also a showy display and very un-christian:

But you, when you pray, enter into your closet, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father which is in secret; and your Father which sees in secret shall reward you openly. Matthew 6:6

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Some Random Updates From My Delayed Plane

Well, I'm stuck on a plane so I thought I would blog a bit. Delays CAN be constructive :)

I just saw on the FFRF website that the "Good Without God" billboard in OH was removed for the second time this week. First it was removed because a church complained. It was moved to a new location and now a 'business owner' has complained. Are religious people so worried about people turning away from God that they fear a harmless billboard stating a simple truth. Come On!

Next, have you heard about Caylee's Law. It is a new law they are trying to pass in honor of Caylee Anthony that would make it a felony for parents to not report a missing child. This is the change I was talking about in my previous blog. Head over to and sign the petition today! It already has over 450,000 signatures!

Lastly, a couple reviews came in for the new Harry Potter movie and they all seem to be very positive! One reviewer indicated the film made up for some of the deficiencies in the book (WHAT!? That is sacrilege!) The movie is the shortest Harry Potter film to date, coming in at 2 hours and 11 minutes. Only a few more days :)

You can head over to the rotten tomatoes website to read some of the reviews. So far it has a 100% fresh rating!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Sword of Truth

I just finished reading the 5th book in The Sword of Truth series. I have to say that I LOVE these books.

When I first started reading them awhile back I felt slightly overwhelmed by the series. There are currently 11 books and they all come in around 1,000 - 1,200 pages each. However, I've always enjoyed reading long books / long series because you become so invested in the characters. They become a part of your life. You devote a huge amount of time to sit with them and visit.

The first book in the series is called Wizard's First Rule and I highly recommend you go out and buy it or download it to your e-reader. The series is considered a fantasy series, and similar to George RR Martin (another awesome author).

The books are written by Terry Goodkind, who is an amazing storyteller. The main characters, Richard and Kahlan, and almost role models for me. I find that I think a lot like Terry Goodkind and relate to his ideals, morals, and ethics.

On another note... the new / final Harry Potter movie comes out in 8 days on 15-Jul-2011!!!! The previews look amazing and I can't wait to see it :)

Water to Wine

A little humor to start the day :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Caylee Anthony

There are some things that I will NEVER understand. I ran across this picture on the web and it literally made my stomach hurt.

*NOW* she's safe in the arms of Jesus? NOW?! Where was Jesus when this innocent and pure child was being molested. Where was he while she was being abused... while she was in pain... while she cried? Where was he when someone put duct tape over her mouth and murdered her? Where was your God when she cast her eyes up to heaven and begged for one more breath?

Let's say Jesus is real. He was the only all-powerful being able to help this child or that knew of her abuse. Did he use his power to give her new parents? Did he try to ensure that law enforcement got involved? Did he take her life PRIOR to her pain and suffering?


He sat there in his perfect paradise and watched this poor girl suffer every day of her life until she was murdered. Was this all just part of his plan... and what plan would that be? If this is the God you worship, then I want nothing to do with your religion

Caylee was raised, tortured, and murdered by a loveless human, and if there was a God, she was cruelly allowed to suffer and die at the hands of that God. We as humans need to stop looking to the heavens for answers and start looking at each other.

Don't let another Caylee go unseen or unheard. Look for the warning signs in every child you encounter, give them the voice that Caylee was denied.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

VBS / aka Jesus Camp

It seems like I see a new sign for Vacation Bible School pop up every time I drive down the road. They are usually big white banners displayed in the front lawn of your standard corner church, presenting bright smiling faces, crosses, and colorful rainbows.

As a good Baptist child, I went to my fair share of Jesus Camps growing up. I remember lots of praying, going to the front of the church to ask for forgiveness, raising your arms and closing your eyes to sing hymns, people getting Baptized in the lake, and watching the plays (puppets and live-action).

I don't have any bad memories from my time at VBS, but looking back as an adult it seems like a nightmare. I was presented a one-sided story, not permitted to ask questions, and told that if I didn't follow the instructions I would probably suffer an eternal damnation. Ouch.

A documentary came out about 5 years ago called 'Jesus Camp.' I've seen most of the movie by watching clips online and you can also stream it on netflix. The documentary follows a group of children attending a fundamentalist VBS in North Dakota.

It infuriated me. Take a look at the video.

I cried for these children. As you can see from the video, they are brainwashed to the point of delirium. They are told over and over again that they are impure and undeserving of love. They are sinners, vile, and cruel and can only have their sins washed away by listening to their preacher and praying to God.

These are children! My readers know I feel very strongly when it comes to children being treated badly by adults, and once again I will use the term 'child abuse'. What the adults in this video do to these children is CHILD ABUSE - plain and simple.

How do you feel watching this video? What would you think if you saw your children speaking in tongues and twitching on the floor? This video scares me and I just hope these children are exposed to other viewpoints during their lives.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Good Without God?

I've been following a few stories going around the atheist blogosphere. I wanted to post about them since I think they make a good point.

Can you be good without God? According to Dylan Galos, the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the "Out of the Closet" campaign, YES! I know, it's shocking, right!?

(On the FFRF website you can create your own "out of the closet" banner!!)

This particular banner made headlines when the FFRF posted the banner on a billboard in Columbus, OH... on church property! Apparently, there was a mix-up and the organizers did not realize it was on the church's land. Of course, the church complained, even though the billboard did not directly go against the church, they demanded the sign be removed. The FFRF relocated the sign to a different part of town and all was well.

In a separate but correlating story, two Churches were vandalized in Oregon with phrases such as "Praise the FSM." For the people unfamiliar with the acronym FSM, it stands for flying spaghetti monster, an internet 'religion' devoted to his holy noodleness. He boiled for your sins!

Well, apparently-- without God --the Atheist community CAN do good and actually raised over $3,000.00 to help the church remove the graffiti. The money was raised by the friendly atheist (check him out on my blogroll) and over 200 non-believers contributed to the fund. I feel like this was a noble deed and I'm really proud of my community for stepping up and helping their fellow humans.

We can be good without God; and to me the deeds feel more sincere when they are done out of kindness instead of brownie points for heaven.