Friday, August 12, 2011

The 9/11 Memorial Cross

Have you ever wished for someone to die? Have you ever prayed that God would kill an entire group of people? Have you ever wanted to publicly crucify someone based on their beliefs?

Take a look at these comments that "Christian" readers made on a recent news article:

Now, what in the world would elicit such a hate-fueled response from the religious right? The American Atheist Group has received countless emails, phone calls, and letters similar to the messages above.

So, what did they do? Did they commit some kind of mass murder? Did they harm children?

No. It all has to do with this 'cross' (cross bar found in the rubble during clean-up) at the World Trade Center Memorial.

When this huge cross went on display at the memorial, the American Atheists Group asked if they could also provide a statue to represent the 1,000 non-Christians (500 Jewish / 500 non-religious) that perished on 9/11.

The request was declined and the American Atheists were told that the cross represented 'Comfort for ALL'. Really? Do Christians find comfort in a statue of Buddha? Similarly, as an atheist, I find no comfort in the display of a cross (especially since religious extremist caused the towers to fall in the first place).

The American Atheist Group decided to sue, asking that all religions/non-religions be represented equally - or - the cross should be removed from the memorial and relocated to the 9/11 museum where various religious artifacts are on display.

Now, according to some 'Christians', I personally need to be shot in the head and sent to hell for the rest of eternity. That doesn't seem fair.

If your family member died in 9/11, wouldn't you want to see their beliefs represented like all of the others? No one wants to be forgotten and no one should be.


  1. Some of these people aren't even Christians, for one has the anti-Christ as their profile picture, so now I know you lying. The others? They may say that they are Christians, but by what they're saying, they are not following Jesus. You are an atheist, but you DO NOT deserve to be shot in the head. Jesus never wished anything bad on ANYONE, and neither should true followers of Christ. He WOULD however call you out by saying that you cannot truthfully say that all of those comments came from Christians.

  2. I apologize for posting as "Anonymous", but I don't have any of (or in some cases don't even know what) the other options listed are.

    A couple of observations: First, seems like you did a good job finding the bad apples that seem to be in every bunch (gasp... no! they aren't in the atheist community too are they?). Second, with regard to the "Do Christians find comfort in a statue of Buddha?" line, was a statue of Buddha (miraculously?) created during the attack and/or subsequent destruction to be discovered later during the recovery and clean-up? If one was, please feel free to whine and moan about Buddhists wanting to display it (as well they should be able to). I am highly skeptical though, that you would be willing to erect a memorial representing Christians in the spirit of equal representation.

    Have a good one!

  3. I think it's awful that anyone has any kind of hate towards another, especially this much that they would want to see anyone dead. It appalls me to see this kind of rage from those claiming to be Christians as well as I'm sure the Muslims are appalled at what Muslim Terrorists did on 9/11. It all does have something to do with religion but it's just that there are NUTS in this whole wide world that seem to carry things to extreme and some even kill.

  4. All these are perfect examples of 1. Why, if jesus were real, he would never claim Christianity and 2. Why atheism is the moral superior to religious dogma. I've never seen an athiest post, I hope the universe kills all those______(insert religion here)! Yet, that pretty much all those "christians" had to say. My personal favorite is sidney clock, at the very bottom, her profile pic is of here at graduation! How can you be college educated, and still have religious views of "kill em all, at least ill be in heaven" guess anybody can get a diploma these days.

  5. I wish they would stick the cross up someone's ass!!!

  6. So the benevolent, all-knowing, all-powerful God chose to speak to the populace by including a cross-beam in the wreckage of two sky scrapers rather than stopping the murder of thousands of innocents. Sounds credible to me.

  7. These comments were not made by real disciples of Jesus. History offers many examples of so-called "christians" like these and the atrocities they've supported or committed. Jesus foretold there would be such people. Warning of false followers He said the true disciples would be known by their "fruit" (or deeds) characterized by love. Any person or group can use the name "christian" but Jesus Himself tells us to judge them by the standard of "love." These counterfeits are deceived by Satan and might as well worship HIM. They're his most powerful weapon to deflect people from the real Jesus who is the truth and the life that mankind seeks. Even Mahatma Gandhi fell victim to these enemies of God saying, "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." At least he could see the difference. Unfortunately, he apparently never met the real thing and there is no reward for believing in "christians." But those who get to know Christ Himself and whose focus is on Him have found the greatest reward in the universe. THEY don't make statements like those..but they don't get much press either.