Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Caylee Anthony

There are some things that I will NEVER understand. I ran across this picture on the web and it literally made my stomach hurt.

*NOW* she's safe in the arms of Jesus? NOW?! Where was Jesus when this innocent and pure child was being molested. Where was he while she was being abused... while she was in pain... while she cried? Where was he when someone put duct tape over her mouth and murdered her? Where was your God when she cast her eyes up to heaven and begged for one more breath?

Let's say Jesus is real. He was the only all-powerful being able to help this child or that knew of her abuse. Did he use his power to give her new parents? Did he try to ensure that law enforcement got involved? Did he take her life PRIOR to her pain and suffering?


He sat there in his perfect paradise and watched this poor girl suffer every day of her life until she was murdered. Was this all just part of his plan... and what plan would that be? If this is the God you worship, then I want nothing to do with your religion

Caylee was raised, tortured, and murdered by a loveless human, and if there was a God, she was cruelly allowed to suffer and die at the hands of that God. We as humans need to stop looking to the heavens for answers and start looking at each other.

Don't let another Caylee go unseen or unheard. Look for the warning signs in every child you encounter, give them the voice that Caylee was denied.

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    I reject any deity who allows the tiniest and purest of their creations to suffer so.