Friday, July 1, 2011

Good Without God?

I've been following a few stories going around the atheist blogosphere. I wanted to post about them since I think they make a good point.

Can you be good without God? According to Dylan Galos, the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the "Out of the Closet" campaign, YES! I know, it's shocking, right!?

(On the FFRF website you can create your own "out of the closet" banner!!)

This particular banner made headlines when the FFRF posted the banner on a billboard in Columbus, OH... on church property! Apparently, there was a mix-up and the organizers did not realize it was on the church's land. Of course, the church complained, even though the billboard did not directly go against the church, they demanded the sign be removed. The FFRF relocated the sign to a different part of town and all was well.

In a separate but correlating story, two Churches were vandalized in Oregon with phrases such as "Praise the FSM." For the people unfamiliar with the acronym FSM, it stands for flying spaghetti monster, an internet 'religion' devoted to his holy noodleness. He boiled for your sins!

Well, apparently-- without God --the Atheist community CAN do good and actually raised over $3,000.00 to help the church remove the graffiti. The money was raised by the friendly atheist (check him out on my blogroll) and over 200 non-believers contributed to the fund. I feel like this was a noble deed and I'm really proud of my community for stepping up and helping their fellow humans.

We can be good without God; and to me the deeds feel more sincere when they are done out of kindness instead of brownie points for heaven.

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